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Text Box: Text Box: Update Sheet
Shakespeare’s Avon Way
Naseby to Tewkesbury
Text Box: January 2017

Page 8 - Point (B) Line 11
Reports that the tall wooden fingerpost is no longer there

Page 12 – Point (C) Line 5
‘…..right hand edge of very large field. Ignore large gap in hedge on right but after about 50 yards, turn right through second gap in hedge. Then turn immediately left and walk along left-hand edge of large field with hedge to left. Keep ahead and pass through gap in cross hedge. (Return to instructions in guidebook, line 6……walk along left-hand edge of field with hedge to left). 

Page 14 - Point (B) Lines 1-7
Reports that the signs to Brownsover have disappeared. Follow the map/instructions carefully to avoid entering the housing estate

Page 21 – Point (C) Line 34
Footpath diversion – On approach to derelict farm building, turn left through metal kissing gate. Turn immediately right and walk down right – hand edge of large field. Pass derelict barn to right and then turn right across wooden plank bridge and through metal kissing gate. Turn left and keep ahead towards metal gate.

Page 23 - Point (D) Line 14
Broken stile has been removed

Page 23 - Point (E) Line 3
Caution Horses sign has been removed

Page 25 - Point (D) - Line 7
Focus DIY is now Homebase

Page 28 – Point (B) Line 7
Turn immediately left and go through new metal kissing gate. Keep ahead along left-hand edge of field with stream and trees to left. At cross fence, ignore gate in middle ( as described in guide book ). Go through new metal kissing gate at left – hand edge of cross fencing and over wooden plank bridge. Keep straight ahead with plantation to immediate right and stream and wood to left.

Page 28 – Point (D) 
Footpath diversion – At end of Hampton Wood, ignore path off to left and keep ahead along lane. Just before a junction on left, go left through way marked gap. Keep ahead along right-hand edge of field, ground rising, now with hedge to right. Towards top of rise, go half-left following ‘Footpath diverted’ sign. Keep ahead along wide grassy track now with post and wire fence to right and private house over to far right. Pass small coppice to right and then turn right onto more defined track.

Page 30 – Point (B) Line 15 (Possible path closure) (Advised January 2017 now clear and open)
Giant hogweed and nettles present. Ensure you are wearing trousers. WCC aware and dealing. There are now other issues with the path at this point - overgrown with nettles making progress quite difficult together with erosion of path close to river bank. WCC are aware and are considering closing the path, If this is the case, you will need to continue along the lane turning left at next junction. Keep ahead to junction with A439. Turn left and, using pavement, keep ahead to junction of Ingon lane (Point C Line 2) to rejoin the route.

Page 32 - Point (C)
We have made aware by WCC that the footbridge over the River Stour (line 4) has been closed and is unlikely to be repaired in the near future. We are advised that there is a signed diversion in place until such a time as a new permissive route can be agreed.

Page 39 - Point (C) Line 9
Reports of a temporary signed diversion whilst house building is underway

Page 41 - Point (C) Line 16
Large permanent caravan site now on left just before Eoves Wood

Page 50 – Point (A) Line 19
SAW waymarkers have been ‘removed’ through grounds of Strensham Mill. Directions in the guidebook should be sufficient and it is still a public right of way.

Page 50 – Point (C) Line 6
Well hidden footbridge has now been replaced with new metal gate and bridge

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